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 Graphit for JIRA® 

 Compatible with JIRA® SERVER Versions 5 to 6 



Scaling Agility Consultancy and JIRA® Add-ons.

Tartech specializes in Agile Project Management consultancy, Software Factory Setup and JIRA® add-ons development, offering ecosystems efficient ways to increase software development productivity.

Let’s select, combine, adapt and improve together the right organisational and technical patterns to insure fast value delivery and sustainable customer satisfaction.

Fields Of Expertise


Expertise and Passion for innovation.



An international track record, various industries.

Tartech has been delivering high-end software for various industries, proving Tartech’s ability to adapt to and work for different kind of ecosystems ranging from start ups to national administrations, in various countries. Several projects were implemented under ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and/or various regulatory authorities’ requirements.

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